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Day 4 – Can modest individuals know they’re modest?

Day 4 of my philosophy journey. The modest individual Me: “I've finished the 25k within an hour, it’s not that impressive!” You: “You're a modest one, aren’t you?” Me: “Yes, I am. But it’s really not that great of an... Continue Reading →

Day 3 -Is the speaker who just said “I’m lying” speaking the truth?

Day 3 in my philosophical journey and this is a fun one; the liar paradox. What amazes me is how my mind gets confused about its own ideas. Why am I doing this challenge? Check day 1! Happiness for me... Continue Reading →

Day 2 -Why is animal experimentation morally permissible if experimentation on children is not?

I am continuing my philosophical challenge, and this next question is super complicated. It is actually a question I would not even want to answer. But it's part of my journey! Please let me know what you think! Why is... Continue Reading →

Day 1 -Can we do stuff out of pure unselfishness?

I am always giving you challenges, but now I'm giving myself one. You are more than welcome to join in of course! I find happiness in growth. Growth in knowledge, growth in social contacts, growth in me as a person.... Continue Reading →

Hungry for change

Hungry for Change, a documentary which is both confronting and informative. Jairo and I are both craving a healthy lifestyle. But with all those diets out there, it's hard to know what is right for you and what not. I... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it ironic? Cancer story

Life, you suck sometimes.  I'm sorry, but Mrs Happy cannot always understand things in life. Remember my post about my film Homanje? Guess what, our actress received the horrific news that she has to fight cancer now herself. She said:... Continue Reading →

The world has to change – Dance

A choreography with a clear message: this world needs to change. Thomas Bimai gives you slap in the face with this clear wake up call. Enjoy it, and then put your phone away and enjoy your day!

Eat with your mind

I'm living in China now with my husband, and we see some things that make us reflect. At the University where Jairo works, we see students bump into each other or a pole because they are looking at their phones.... Continue Reading →

26 minutes of crucial life lessons – Ted Talk

Be perception free "I wonder what he thinks of me." "Do I look weird in this dress?" It's a natural occurring emotion; you want to feel loved or liked. When I was 18 years old, all I did was to figure... Continue Reading →

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