“I need to finish this today because my boss has an important meeting tomorrow! It’s just too much!”Stressful situations made me quit my study.” “I’m shaking, I don’t want to go on stage.”

The shaky ankles

Stress, we all have experienced situations that you couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and your body just freezes and refuses to go on. I have been part of a latin solo show team and one day when we had a performance, and I started stressing out. I was thinking; “there are so many people here, what if I make a mistake?” And of course, my stress physically came out in the worst possible way; my ankles went all shaky, it was getting more and more difficult to stand normally. But I couldn’t say to my team “nope, sorry, not gonna do this!” But how could I perform a latin dance, on freaking high heels?

Shake it off

I went to my teammates and started jumping and telling them”we are brave, we can do this, I am nervous as hell, but we are together, thank God!” We hugged and motivated each other. And immediately after that, I was able to get on stage and rock the place.


Ted Talk

Dealing with stress is awful if you don’t know how to do it. And don’t think you can lead a stress-free life. Even wanting a stress-free life can increase stress. After watching the Ted Talk below, it made things so much easier. Thinking stress is unhealthy, makes you less happy. So thinking of stress as a big issue is one of those things you have to give up!

Think this: This is my body telling me I am up for the challenge. This way stress becomes courage!