I have had many different job interviews. Most of them were nerve-racking, and I wouldn’t get the job. The women and men used to scare the sh*t out of me in those 4m2 rooms with only tea, and no cold water to fresh up when you feel hot. So I decided to find ways to feel like I’m on top of the world, to never miss a chance at my dream job again.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and her strong body armour, her fearless gaze made me want to be her (after Pocahontas, Pocahontas was and still is my role model). After so many failed job interviews, I started doing some digging on the internet and found a research about power poses. This research said that if you stand in a high power pose for one minute, you will feel more empowered and you will take more risks. That sounded interesting to me, so I looked at all the different high-power poses that she suggested and there was one called: the Wonder Woman. Well, you guess what pose I went for. So every time I had to do something that asks for a lot of confidence, I would stand like Wonder Woman for a minute.

“Stand in a high-power pose for one minute and you will feel more empowered”

I did feel ready to go for every job interview, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t really make any difference. I still didn’t get any of the jobs. Because once the door opened and they started looking at me like: ‘Proof that you’re good enough’, my so-called empowered feeling was gone. But still, I am glad I did it because at least before the job interview I didn’t feel any nerves. (next time I will tell some other tricks that worked for me)

Okay.. so, then back to being yourself?

What would proper research be if you don’t do a little bit more research? So I checked a few different papers about power poses and different results came out: no actual difference was measured between high-power pose and low-power poses. However, none of the papers recreated the first experiment the same way. They always added something, like stand in the pose for 3 minutes, or gaze in front of you while you are doing the pose. So, because they did this, it is hard to tell who is right or wrong.

So if you are a believer in scientific research, then doing a power pose or not doing it, can make a huge difference or doesn’t make a difference at all. So, what I would say; at least try it. You can be an exception to the rule. You can feel great and amazing after standing like that for a minute.


Stand in a power pose of choice for one minute before you have to do something important. It’s all about happiness. You deserve that dream job or that spot in a sports team or that boyfriend/girlfriend you are so in love with.


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