I like to communicate. Not only through writing but also through having actual deep conversations. I am trying to stay away from social media as much as possible. This way I can focus on people who really matter. For me, learning a new language means opening up so many opportunities to meet amazing people.  And I have found the perfect way to master a lot of languages.

I am travelling a lot, my husband is from Brazil, I am from the Netherlands, we talk in English together, but with his mother, I should talk Portuguese. In the Netherlands, you are obliged to learn German or French in high school. We live in China right now, so I’ve started learning Mandarin recently as well.

Portugues, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italien…You can now learn these languages super easy. Communication equals happiness. Start now!

I feel so grateful to be able to learn a new language and learn from others. Sometimes you will be surprised by the conversations you have with strangers. Your cab driver who tells a story about his life, the lady next to you on the bus.

I am not saying I’m a language expert, far from it. I am just very eager to learn. I’m still making a lot of mistakes in English, I can’t actually go beyond basics in Mandarin yet, I fake my way through German sometimes. But who cares. As soon as you start talking in the mother tongue of your conversation partner, you can see they light up. They appreciate your effort.

Michael Thomas

My new hero is called: Michael Thomas. He has found a method of language learning that is so easy and fun! I am using this method for learning Portuguese and Mandarin. Just take a look on his website, it’s an amazing method. If you take 15 minutes per day of learning, you will soon be a language master yourself! If you are interested, contact me first, before buying!

Michael Thomas Method

Does this help you to find happiness?

That’s for you to decide. Do you like talking to people? Do you like experiencing countries in a different way?  Have you always wanted to learn a new language? I cannot really tell you if learning a new language will make you feel happier, scientifically I cannot find any research about learning a language and happiness. However, communication itself, the fact you can talk openly to people does make people happy.

Culture, Interpersonal Perceptions, and Happiness in Social Interactions

Social Interactions and Well-Being: The Surprising Power of Weak Ties

Need a study buddy?

I am always looking for new study buddies. If you are interested, please send an email to happinessisselfmade@yahoo.com. We can skype/email/meet in real life. I would love to hear from you!