In 2012 my grandmother died of cancer. It was a horrible time for the whole family. A few months later I decided to do something for charity, so other families have a chance to not go through awful moments like that.

I had this crazy idea to make a silent dance film. Wouldn’t be so crazy if I had done a study in that direction or if I was always attached to a camera.  But I had never done anything big like this before. I always felt like I was not good at anything, and that frustrated me big time. But now, all of a sudden, this creative creature inside of me wanted to come out and change my life.

And it did. It really did.

Right there and then, I knew what I wanted to do all my life: Help people and continue touching hearts through a film.

After years of preparing the movie, in 2015 it premiered in theatres in the Netherlands. Now, finally, the movie is online!

If you are interested, here you can watch it: All profits go to different charities every month.