Be perception free

“I wonder what he thinks of me.” “Do I look weird in this dress?” It’s a natural occurring emotion; you want to feel loved or liked. When I was 18 years old, all I did was to figure out my place on this earth. I wanted to be the best friend, to be the best daughter just so I would feel loved and would feel appreciated. It drains energy to always feel on edge, to feel like you only matter if people around you, or even strangers, like you. Now, I feel like I’m in a place a peaceful acceptance. I have found myself. People will always have their opinions about me, but I will not care about them as much as I did before. I know my place.

Be like the blue sky

Bad things will always happen. Negative opinions about your will always be pointed out It also happens to extremely positive and sweet people. But it is your choice to stay in the clouds and feel miserable. Imagine going on a trip by plane. Isn’t it fun to first see a whole bunch of clouds and then all of the sudden your are above the clouds? That could be your state of mind. If you always feel like the eternal blue sky, bad things will happen, but will not mess up your mind. You will observe them and try to come up with a solution. A year ago I was miserable at my job, I felt like I was stuck and not moving forward. I cried when I came home and I’d cry the next before going to work. I could have stayed in this miserable state of mind, but I choose to be like the blue sky. I rose above it and made the decision to quit. Just like that.

The Ted Talk

After watching this Ted Talk, I was filled with energy. In 26 minutes she completely blew my mind. Her message, so strong, so easy. I needed to watch the video twice to be able to write down all of her underlying advice. I hope you will feel like finding out who you are and why you are here when you are done watching this Talk.   She speaks about the blue sky and a whole bunch of other crucial life lessons! Don’t miss out on it. It’s only 26 minutes!