All I do is try to figure out to be my true self in a society that has lost the connection with feelings and people and ‘living in the moment’. I must say I’m doing a pretty good job. I am following my dreams, I am helping others. I leave my phone off for a few days. And still, it feels like I’m not quite there yet.

Sometimes you come back to the social media ‘reality’, you see virals such as the Mannequin challenge, the bucket challenge, people getting angry about politics, war pictures and many more. It’s fun to watch until you start keeping track of how much time you are spending on Facebook or Instagram or where ever.

I am a dancer. I dance a lot. It makes me happy, energetic and vigorous. When I saw this particular choreography, I was blown away by the performance, but also about the message. Gives you a little punch in the face: WAKE UP. Life is happening when you’re busy seeing other people’s plans. The world has to change…. The world HAS to change.

Youtube channel Thomas Bimai (Choreographer)