Life, you suck sometimes. 

I’m sorry, but Mrs Happy cannot always understand things in life. Remember my post about my film Homanje? Guess what, our actress received the horrific news that she has to fight cancer now herself. She said: “Isn’t it ironic? Me playing someone who has cancer and now having to deal with it myself?” I hate irony. ‘Irony’, you are in my top 10 hated words, followed by the word cancer (which has two meanings, a disease and an annoying sea creature that bites your but if you don’t pay attention).

Why shitty things happen to amazing people? Who will ever tell us? Some people say “It’s God’s will”, some say “it’s because God believes she can handle it”. I’m sorry, I don’t believe that. And it’s not to judge religious people (I’ve done Bible studies, I have talked to people, I love the idea of God/JHWH, being there for us when it’s time). I just don’t think he would be such a cruel God since he calls himself the God of love. No, shitty things happen to people, just because they were at the wrong time at the wrong place in the wrong area with the wrong circumstances. It can be anything; the air, the food, the cigars from your neighbour or just a little sunburn during your holiday.

Can we change anything about it? I don’t know the answer to that. I know that I am trying to live a happy, stressless life with healthy food and healthy habits. That doesn’t give me a VIP pass to a risk-free life. But I do believe that because I am living my life to the fullest, I am taking every precaution possible and having no regrets. If you enjoy every day like it’s your last, you can only be happy that you’ve existed. Homanje and our actress made me realise that life is a treasure. It’s given to you to cherish it for as long as you live. Make all days count and one to remember. Don’t let work and stress wear you out. Go for those bloody unbelievable amazing days. Because, in the end, what will be most value to you? Your memories of a well-lived life, right? Go for it. I know I will.

What do you do to make your life as happy and amazing as possible? Let me know in a comment below.

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