Day 4 of my philosophy journey.

The modest individual

Me: “I’ve finished the 25k within an hour, it’s not that impressive!”

You: “You’re a modest one, aren’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I am. But it’s really not that great of an accomplishment.”

I do believe that by saying you are modest, you are not modest. In my opinion, modesty means not talking openly about your achievements or let others notice your accomplishments/abilities.

If you know and tell you are modest, it’s kind of a fake modesty. Why would you let people know that you are modest? Doesn’t that mean you know your achievements are pretty amazing, but you are trying not to brag about it?

So, my answer is, no. No, they cannot know that they are modest.

My opinion about modesty

I don’t think of myself as a modest person. I don’t talk about my achievement that much, but I don’t keep it hidden as well. Here in China, it gives you a lot of opportunities if you tell them what you’ve accomplished.

I do believe everyone likes to feel appreciated and want the occasional recognition. I don’t have to hear from strangers that they think it’s amazing what I do. But if my husband tells me, “you are doing something good”, it is nice to hear right? Or when your boss says: “you deliver great work.” doesn’t that make you smile just a bit? Even modest individuals would like to hear this sometimes, right? Mostly because they don’t acknowledge their accomplishment themselves?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!